Wean Cooperative

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WEAN Multipurpose Cooperative Ltd. is a woman producers’ marketing Cooperative located in Katmandu, Nepal. Since its creation in 1991, the WEAN Cooperative has been supporting Nepalese's women to come to the forefront of economic activity through entrepreneurship development. The Cooperative has been assisting a large number of local business houses owned or run by women entrepreneurs. The major objective of the Cooperative is to market the products made by its members; to help and support them in the raw material management; to offer trainings as and when required; to coordinate the different activities such as national and international exhibitions and trade fairs and to provide  saving and credit facility for their financial management.

The WEAN Cooperative has been marketing handicraft and food products locally as well as exporting to countries like Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, UK, and the United-States. 

Our History

WEAN multipurpose Cooperative was established in 1991 under the cooperative Act of Government of Nepal, by a group of passionate enterprising women who wanted to support the economic and social empowerment of the Nepalese women. Thus WEAN multipurpose Cooperative was established as the first organization in Nepal to market the merchandise produced by Nepalese women living in the urban and rural areas. Since its initiation the Cooperative has been assisting women to come into forefront of economic activities by creating opportunities in the small and micro industries and developing entrepreneurship. In 2013, the Cooperative has a total of two hundred fifty members from various districts of Nepal.

The organization has an elected board and account committee with seven and   three members respectively. Besides these two main committees, there are five subcommittees namely the training subcommittee, the handicraft subcommittee, export (womanpower) subcommittee, the agro subcommittee and the saving & credit subcommittee each coordinated by a board member and two other members. The board and all committees meet on a monthly basis for smooth operation of the organization. WEAN multipurpose Cooperative has recently founded the successful women entrepreneurship development subcommittee to respond to the needs and problems of its members.

The committees coordinate the different activities of the organization, offer updates on new technologies, organize the saving and credit system, coordinate the participation of members in national and international exhibitions and trade fairs.

WEAN multipurpose Cooperative is exporting most of the handicraft products to Germany, Netherland, England, Australia, United-States, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. As for agro or food products namely spices, it is exported solely to Japan but the organization is making efforts to add more products like coffee and honey to the list. With respect to the strategic demand of the client's needs, the organization proposes to develop new products based on customer's specifications.

For a more efficient promotion of the products created by the members and to find new buyers and importers, the WEAN multipurpose Cooperative plans to participate in two international trade fairs every year. The Cooperative has created a group of producers called Woman Power which helps its members to enhance their skills and knowledge to become at par with the competitive World market. WEAN Multipurpose Cooperative with the initiative of the group Woman Power has been hiring European designers to develop products according to the demand and trends of the international market.