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Food Products

Women Entrepreneurs Association (WEAN) Multipurpose Cooperative is a non-profit and a non-government organization which has been seeking to develop potential women entrepreneurs; upgrade the capacity of existing women entrepreneurs through various trainings and technical assistance. In 1994, with the support of Food Technologist, WEAN Cooperative provided training on Food Processing & preservation to 45 women for 45 days. After completing the training, some of the women started making some food products at home and with the help of WEAN Multipurpose Cooperative, these women were able to enter the food market and sell their products and become the initial women entrepreneurs. The first products made were lapsi candy, lapsi titaura, jam, pickles and maseura. Before marketing the food products WEAN Cooperative decided to give a Brand name to the products. The late chairperson, Yangji Sherpa, vice chairperson Rinchen Yonzon, members of the executive committee, the National cooperative Management expert Urmila Shrestha and the producers together after a long session of deliberations came up with the name ''Navaras''.

The meaning of Navaras is ''new taste'' and this is why the WEAN Cooperative has chosen this brand name, because they were the first local Nepali food products produced by women.  The new brand was officially registered at the Ministry of Commerce and supply, Industry Department. The department of Food technology and quality control Department of Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative gave a certificate of quality & allow to marketing to Navaras.

The main objective of Navaras is to maintain high standards of food quality products by offering to the producers training about sterilization, packaging, cleaning and hygienic process. The WEAN Cooperative also decided that two producers were not allowed to make the same product to maintain quality of the product.

The Navaras brand was in filtered in the market and able to grow slowly but steadily and today it is offers the consumers more than forty different varieties of food products. The new producers are also able with training and support of  WEAN Cooperative to create their own products and to sell them in the national and international market.

The essence of Navaras brand is to retain the traditional Nepali taste and produce food items that contain only natural preservatives, like salt, sugar and spices and no artificial or chemical preservatives are added. The member producers of the Navaras brand  provides employment to many other needy Nepali women. WEAN Cooperative implores everyone to buy & use Navaras products and help women entrepreneurs to sustain their enterprise.  .