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Dehydrated products


Navaras Aamla Titaura is made from gooseberry pulp with seasoning and spices.

Ingredients: Aamla or gooseberry pulp salt, rock salt and hing ( asafoteda ).


The Lapsi Titaura is a candy made from lapsi (hog plum) pulp combined with chili, salt and spices to give a spicy twist to create a delicious and unique taste.

Ingredients: Lapsi pulp, sugar, spices, chili powder, black salt and hing (asafetida).


The lapsi (hog plum) candy is the number one choice for the sweet tooth, offering a perfect balance between the fruit aroma a sugary taste and a touch of sour.

Ingredients: Lapsi pulp and sugar.

Pindalu Maseura

Navras Pindalu Maseura is a combination of black pulse paste and finely shredded pindalu (gourd) mixed well and dried in the sun by the women of WEAN Cooperative. The Pindalu Maseura can be cooked in any curry recipes or soups.Best eaten with dal-bhaat, bread or any other condiments.

Ingredients: Black pulse and pindalu (gourd).